Causes – Part 2


  • Psychologists have also identified various indirect causes of road rage. Poor sleep and personal problems can also lead to road rage.
  • Talking on cell phones and confrontations on the phone can lead to conflicts on the road. Cases of road rage involving people who were busy on their cell phones while driving, are steadily increasing. Talking while driving is a distraction that can lead to recklessness and road accidents.
  • Tourists have also been victims of road rage incidents. Their unfamiliarity with the new traffic rules, roads and environment in general makes them unsuspecting targets and vulnerable victims to road ragers.
  • In India there is also a greater socio-economic divide. Often when drivers argue on the roads, they cannot agree upon the option that is best suitable for them because of this divide. Tensions also run high when bystanders join the argument.
  • You might have heard someone tell you to be careful around hired cabs. You know, the ones with the yellow license plate. Drivers hired to drive private vehicles are also quite common. Sometimes cab drivers and other hired drivers are also known to exhibit violent and rash behaviour on the roads. We may not realise it but these drivers have the constant threat or fear of unemployment. They are afraid that the slightest damage to the car or vehicle they are driving will lead to them being fired. In many cases they are not trained well and use bad techniques leading to long-term wear and tear of the car.
  • In some rare or extreme cases, road rage may be a result of Intermittent Explosive Disorder. It is a behavioural disorder. IED is often triggered by something small and negligible, resulting in outbursts of aggression. It is a chronic disorder whose treatments include medications and psychotherapy.
  • Yelling at people is in itself a huge cause of road rage. Although it might seem like an effect, yelling can also be a cause. You want to be heard on the road? The only possibility that allows you to be heard is one in which you yell. So you yell at someone to get going. You don’t realise this but all they see you doing is yelling. The other driving won’t hear the words that come out of your mouth but the action of yelling. This can in turn trigger violent behaviour in the driver you are yelling at.

Changes and edits will be made to this list in case I come across any other causes.


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