Avoiding Road Rage

Even the simplest of actions like listening to the music you enjoy can decrease the likelihood of experiencing road rage. The key is to not just manage your own anger but learn to avoid the anger of other drivers as well. Remembering that the other driver also has feelings, aspirations and goals helps humanize the situation and allows us to be more sensitive,aware and alert while driving.

Here are some common tips to prevent and to avoid road rage:

  • Keep yourself as well as your surroundings calm. Positive energy in the car can help reduce stress levels, anger and aggressiveness, which are all causes of road rage.
  • Listen to calm or relaxing music, shows on the radio or even audiobooks while driving.
  • Plan your journey ahead in order to give yourself sufficient time to reach your destination. Taking breaks in between long journeys is also helpful. Skipping breaks in order to arrive on time can be dangerous.
  • Sleep can seriously affect your mood. Exhaustion and tiredness can cause irritation and diverts your attention from the road. Getting enough sleep also helps avoid road rage.
  • Avoid checking your phone, texting or talking on your phone etc while driving. Such distractions can lead to fatal mistakes and narrow escapes.
  • Be a polite driver.
  • Don’t use the horn unless absolutely necessary.
  • Forgive and forget.
  • Avoid escalating a situation by yelling, making rude gestures and maintaining eye contact for extended periods of time.
  • If none of the above mentioned suggestions work then deal with the unavoidable confrontation cautiously. Think before you act.
  • Self-testing your own actions regularly keeps you alert on the road.

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